Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tues Sept 24 13 Colonies -Group BIG map

Good Morning,

Hopefully you all finished the small map yesterday.

You will be making a BIG map of the colonies. To post on the Inspiration Wall.

Today split the class into 3 groups.
Each group needs a large piece of butcher paper -- different colors are good
Group 1: New England Colonies
Group 2: Middle Colonies
Group 3: Southern Colonies

Each group is responsible to:

  1.  draw the BIG map of their colony group (new england, middle or southern)
  2. Label each colony with
    1. Name of colony
    2. Types of industry (cotton farming, tobacco farming, lumber, coal, etc.)
    3. Major cities
    4. Year founded
  3. Color each colony
  4. Decorate the map as you deem necessary
  5. Pin their map in the appropriate area in relation to the other BIG colony maps.